Introducing the NSPRA Gold Mine

NSPRA Gold MineNSPRA staff has digitized resources culled from members and others over the years. Visit the NSPRA Gold Mine, NSPRA’s newest member benefit. Most resources have been developed by other members in your position, dealing with the same issues you face.

The NSPRA Gold Mine is a free benefit for NSPRA members only.

NSPRA's Social Media E-Kit

NSPRA's New Social Media E-Kit

The deceptively small-but-mighty Social Media E-Kit features more than 30 links to some of the best, most practical advice from members and others on social media best practices. If this resource were in print, it would contain more than 400 pages of knowledge to refer to for all of your social media planning needs.

The Social Media E-Kit is free to NSPRA members and is available to download for $20 for non-members. Get your copy today!

All In page

All In for Public Education

All In for Public Education is NSPRA’s advocacy resource for those seeking strategies and tactics to build more support for public education.  Just about everyone agrees that public schools face more competition than any time in the past. Many also note that there is a well-planned and systematic effort to privatize and dismantle public education. Many pro-public education advocates have begun drawing a line and saying, “Enough is enough.”

The time to be proactive is now. If education leaders and their supporters don’t do it, who will? Check out this new resource which will be updated on a regular basis. You can also send your submissions for this new tool to

An Exciting New Partnership...

PSTW logo 

...with NSPRA’s New National Consultant for Expanding Support for Public Schools, Dr. John Draper

Public Schools That Work (PSTW) is a new program for leading systems in the U.S. and Canada to increase support for public schools by providing positive information and inspiring stories that encourage and motivate staff to share the good news with their communities. This free program is open to NSPRA members and non-members alike. Learn more about how PSTW works, its benefits, and how to sign up.

Student Privacy Infographic thumbnail

Protecting Student Privacy: Customizable Infographics

NSPRA has teamed with the Consortium for School Networking (CoSN) to produce two infographics that empower school leaders to discuss the critical issue of student privacy. Available in English and English/Spanish, the customizable infographics answer key questions, such as: What data is collected and why? How does education data support student success and school improvement? How is education data protected? - Learn more at CoSN’s web site.

The Iceberg Effect Summary Report Cover

School Performance in Context: The Iceberg Effect

A new report from the Horace Mann League and the National Superintendents Roundtable examines key factors in public school education, including student student performance-equity, support for families and student and school outcomes in the G-7 nations. It doesn't stop there though; it also studies how these factors relate to 24 indicators of success or failure in schools. Review the summary or the full report. Also review the fact sheet, news release, and video about these international indicators.

Communication E-Kit for Superintendents

Communication E-Kit for Superintendents

Superintendents are responsible for all aspects of a school system, and that includes how the district listens to and shares with its community. In this practical toolkit, superintendents can quickly peruse tips to ensure their district is at the forefront of successful communication. You will learn how to defend the need for public relations, how to find the right school PR practitioner, and how to use the public relations function to help support learning and instruction. If you want to be able to validate the importance of communication in your school community, this is the e-kit for you. It is a brief resource to start and build a communication program for your schools. Download the Communication E-Kit for Superintendents for free in our online store.

Diversity Communications Toolkit

Diversity Toolkit coverReach every member of your school community with the new Diversity Communications Toolkit. No matter the size or socioeconomic makeup of your school or district, this resource is sure to benefit every school leader seeking to reach all publics. The toolkit contains customizable templates, strategies, examples and practices that NSPRA member districts have used to communicate with hard-tor-reach community members. As a benefit of membership, NSPRA members may download an electronic version for free, or purchase a print copy at a lower rate than non-members. Non-members may also purchase a download copy or opt for the print edition. Order today!

Benchmarking Toolkit

Benchmarking Toolkit coverProve and improve the value of school communication in your schools with a new toolkit, School Communication Benchmarking Toolkit: Rubrics of Practice and Suggested Measures. This breakthrough resource helps superintendents and school communicators measure the impact of their communication results as compared to other school districts’ communication programs.  The toolkit focuses on three areas: comprehensive communication programs, internal communication, and parent/family communication. Whether you prefer an electronic or a print version, find new ways to measure, expand, and improve your school communications programs. Order this economically priced resource today!

NSPRA's Common Core Communication Network

NSPRA's Common Core Communication Network

The go-to resource to communicate about the Common Core

NSPRA has compiled and developed resources to help school communication professionals build a better community understanding of the Common Core State Standards. NSPRA has reviewed numerous documents that should be helpful in developing communication strategies and tools for local school communities. These materials can save you time and give you more background on ways to approach this new communication for school leaders. NSPRA members can also join an email group on communicating the Common Core.

Check it out at!

NSPRA Infographics

New Infographics Offer Insight

Infographics can share a lot of information in a little bit of time. Thanks to Evelyn McCormack, vice president at large for communication technology & innovation, NSPRA is proud to share two infographics that can help administrators making decisions in your school system. Feel free to use either or both of these infographics in your communication vehicles.

Our Parent Communication infographic is based on information from a 2011 study of more than 43,000 parents about their communication preferences. This study was conducted in partnership with K12 Insight. Read the full findings here. The Mobile Technology infographic features research from the Pew Internet Project.

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NSPRA Chapter Conferences and Events

New on!

NSPRA state chapters can now post their own conferences and events.  Post yours today, or view upcoming events near you.

Two NSPRA Blogs

blogs imageNSPRA: Social School Public Relations explores the use of social media to meet school communications goals. It is posted weekly by a team of member bloggers who share their expertise and experience with social media tools. Sign up for email updates on the blog homepage.

Always Something is written by NSPRA Executive Director Rich Bagin, APR, and addresses current education issues and related communication strategies. It appears monthly in eNetwork and you can sign up for email or RSS updates on the blog homepage.

February 06, 2016


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Congratulations to Superintendent S. Dallas Dance, Ph.D., and Chief Communications Officer Mychael Dickerson of Baltimore County (Md.) Public Schools on receiving the 2015 Leadership Through Communication Award.

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